ACSOS 2023
Mon 25 - Fri 29 September 2023 Toronto, Canada
Fri 29 Sep 2023 11:00 - 11:45 at Convention Centre (C2) - Tutorials (short)

Abstract: Generative AI has been rapidly evolving, enabling different and more sophisticated interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs) like those available in IBM or Meta Llama2. In this session, we will take a use case based approach to look at how we can leverage LLMs together with existing automation technologies like Workflow, Content Management, and Decisions to enable new solutions.

Biography: Allen Chan is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Business Automation. He is a creator and builder and has a long history of creating winning concepts and building winning products. He is passionate about empowering everyone to get their work done easier and faster with business automations technologies (workflow, decisions, content management, document processing, RPA and process mining) - whether it is about making enterprises run more efficiently or improving productivity with digital employees in IBM Watson Orchestrate.

Fri 29 Sep

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